DHIS2 Immunization Academy, Level 2


University of Oslo, GAVI and HISP Vietnam are pleased to announce the “DHIS2 Immunization Academy”, Level 2 to be held from 17 to 21 December at the Vinpearl Condotel Beach Front in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

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About DHIS2 Immunization Academy, Level 2

The DHIS2 Immunization Academy will focus on the objectives of immunization programs within the Asia/Pacific region, which includes the features, standards and applications that have been designed using DHIS2 to support immunization data collection, review, analysis and dissemination.

This Academy will follow a unique structure, with training targeting both immunization managers who wish to learn about how specific DHIS2 tools can be used to support the review of data quality and analysis as well as technical experts who will be supporting the process of configuring the DHIS2 apps which will support the immunization program to perform these actions.

This will include a mix of sessions including keeping both groups together as well as parallel sessions that will target each specific group on either DHIS2 configuration or DHIS2 use for reviewing and analyzing data.

Participants will be asked to select a specific track (DHIS2 implementation or DHIS2 use to support immunization data analysis) in order to make the most of the training during registration. We look forward to bringing both of these groups together in order to facilitate the overlap of domain specific knowledge in order to implement and strengthen immunization data collection, analysis and dissemination and use in their settings.

The Academy will include

- 2.5 days in which participants are together to learn about how DHIS2 can be used for immunization data. A focus on the standards and the applications developed in partnership with WHO will be the focus of these sessions

- 2 days in which the participants are divided into the tracks specified above

- 0.5 days in which the participants are brought back together in order to discuss implementation strategies and adaptations for the WHO modules in-country

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Add to Calendar 12/17/2018 08:00 AM 12/21/2018 05:00 PM Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh DHIS2 Immunization Academy, Level 2 The DHIS2 Immunization Academy will focus on the objectives of immunization programs within the Asia/Pacific region, which includes the features, standards and applications that have been designed using DHIS2 to support immunization data collection, review, analysis and dissemination. Vinpearl Condotel Beach Front Nha Trang, Vietnam

Main Themes

Use case discussions

Using planned and live use-cases from the field within Lao PDR and Bangladesh. Immunization use-cases will be discussed and demonstrated in order to provide an overview of current implementation efforts, successes and challenges.

The WHO standards in DHIS2 supporting immunization

A concerted effort to develop standardized meta-data, indicators, visualizations, dashboards and apps to support the collection and review of immunization data has been made recently. These standards will be discussed in detail within this academy.

Immunization data quality and data analysis

Detailed guidance on the analysis of immunization data meant for program managers responsible for immunization programs has been developed and will be discussed. In addition, a detailed review of how data quality review can be performed on this immunization data prior to analysis within DHIS2 will be demonstrated.

Case-based immunization surveillance

Review the potential for DHIS2 to be used as an individual-level tracking system to implement patient-centric immunization schedules and protocols.

Implementation support

Review the mechanisms that will allow you to follow immunization feature development and discuss potential strategies and challenges for implementing immunization features and standards in-country.


A practical training program will make sure the facilitators and participants can work together on learning the principles and skills to review the adoption of immunization standards and features locally. With an emphasis on experience and solution sharing among countries and to promote networking and collaboration among DHIS2 implementers in the region, this academy will include several global and regional DHIS2 experts where you will be able to discuss your requirements and implementations during the academy.

Bob Pond

University of Oslo
Bob Pond is a public health physician consulting for UiO and WHO. He supported the development of WHO guidelines for analysis of routine immunization and associated DHIS2-based training materials. He also supported the development of training materials for the DHIS2 Data Quality Academy - first conducted in Rwanda in September 2018.

John Lewis

HISP Vietnam
John is a DHIS2 Implementation adviser supporting the implementation of DHIS2 in several countries and organizations throughout Asia/Pacific (Lao, Vietnam, Indonesia, WHO WPRO initiatives), including the immunization program in Lao.

Nick Dutta

University of Oslo
Shurajit Dutta is a DHIS2 Implementation adviser. Supporting the development of academy material and DHIS2 implementations within Myanmar and Vanuatu. Standards development for WHO (malaria) and UNICEF (nutrition) as well as documentation support for WHO standard development including immunization.

Kirti Thakur

HISP India
Kirti Thakur is a DHIS2 implementer and a trainer with expertise in medical, public health and ICT domains. Kirti is involved with several DHIS2 related projects locally and internationally and serves as a DHIS2 trainer in the academies. Her work includes health information planning and implementation.

Nayeem Al Miftah

HISP Bangladesh
Nayeem is an HIS Specialist who implemented HIS with MOH, HISP, UNICEF, WHO, UNOPS, MSH, Global Fund in Asia and Africa region. Experienced in diverse requirement analysis for HIS, design DHIS2 (aggregated, event and tracker including MNCH, immunization, surveillance etc.) and other open source softwares with contextual standards and perform complex analytics, Nayeem is also a visiting faculty of Bangladesh University of Health Sciences.

Team HISP Vietnam

HISP Vietnam
A dedicated team of facilitators from the HISP Vietnam will be providing additional support during all of the academy sessions. The team consists of a individuals with a mix of public health and technical skill sets.


Registration Options

Option 1
$ 1350
  • Single Accommodation:
    16 - 22 December 2018
  • Training materials
  • Lunch breaks
  • A Welcome Gala Dinner on 17 December
  • Dinner on 18,19, 20, 21 December
  • Two coffee breaks per day
  • Airport transfer
Option 2
$ 1150
  • Sharing Accommodation from 16 to 22 December
  • Training materials
  • Lunch breaks
  • A Welcome Gala Dinner on 17 December
  • Dinner on 18,19, 20, 21 December
  • Two coffee breaks per day
  • Airport transfer
Option 3
$ 700
  • Training materials
  • Lunch breaks
  • Two coffee breaks per day
  • A Welcome Gala Dinner
Please complete the registration form below to register for the academy.

Travel and Visa

Airport and Airlines

The only airport in Nha Trang is Cam Ranh International Airport which is the main airport serving Nha Trang area, located in Cam Ranh town- 35 km from the city centre of Nha Trang. Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air offers regular scheduled flights to and from Nha Trang (Cam Ranh) airport with 12 flights/day from Ho Chi Minh City (1 hour flight) and 9 flights/day from Hanoi (1h50 flight). So the participants of “DHIS2 Immunization Academy” can choose to take flight from their home countries to Ho Chi Minh City and connect flight at domestic terminal to Nha Trang with very decent price.

Airport Transfers/Shuttle

By using training package with accommodation option, you will be offered round-trip airport transfer to/from the venue. Kindly email your flight information to contact@hisp.vn so we can arrange the pickup for you. Airports Taxi Station is located right in front of the airport in the parking lot. There are several taxi companies offering a fixed fare transportation to Nha Trang area. The rate is around $20.


Citizen of any countries needs visa for Vietnam (except 24 countries namely Belarus, Brunei, Chile, Cambodia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand , UK). Visa can be obtained directly at the Embassy or visa on arrival provided that you have an approval letter for visa before travelling to Vietnam by applying via an agency or e-visa (information for e-visa application https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/trang-chu-ttdt). Single entry visa is $25. The event organisers will issue support letters, if required, only to those delegates who have registered for the academy.


Vinpearl Condotel Beach Front Nha Trang: a brand-new product of the leading hospitality group - Vingroup of Vietnam, which has been open to welcome guests since 22 Sept 2018. Located in the heart of the city of Nha Trang - one of top 30 best beaches in the world- considered as a coastal resort city in southern Vietnam known for its beaches, diving sites and offshore islands with views to the sea and the beach just walking-distance, this 42-storey skyscraper hotel promises a comfortable and convenient stay and conference.

Accommodation and Facilities at Vinpearl Condotel Beach Front Nha Trang, the DHIS2 Academy venue

By using traning package with accommodation option for “DHIS2 Immunization Academy”, you will be offered room (single/twin) for 6 nights (check in 16 Dec, check out 22 Dec 2018) at one of 895 rooms of Vinpearl Condotel Beach Front Nha Trang including daily buffet breakfast, free high-speed Wifi and broardband internet in room, public area, complimentary water, tea, coffee in the room, infinity-edged outdoor swimming pool at 6th Floor, and fitness centre.

Leisure and Attractions

Nha Trang is a coastal resort city in southern Vietnam known for its beaches, diving sites and offshore islands. Its main beach is a long, curving stretch along Tran Phu Street backed by a promenade, hotels and seafood restaurants. Aerial cable cars cross over to Hòn Tre Island, and the nature reserves of Hòn Mun and Hòn Tằm islands, reachable by boat, have coral reefs.

Time zone

UTC +7:00


December is known as one of the cooler months in Nha Trang with temperature ranging from 22 to 27 degree Celsius. The second half of December is the end of the rainy season and replaced by the dry season start. Remember to bring along umbrella and raincoat when leaving home, and put on a light scarf and long-sleeve shirt when going out in late night. Check the lastest weather forecast for December in Nha Trang at https://www.accuweather.com/en/vn/nha-trang/354222/december-weather/354222?monyr=12/1/2018


Viet Nam Dong (VND)- exchange rate as of Oct 2018: 1USD = 23,300 VND

Banking and ATM

Cash is king and cash dispensers are everywhere. ATMs is only for withdrawing Vietnamese Dong . Most ATMs have an English language version. Most ATMs have a maximum per withdrawal of VND 3 million (around US$140). If you need more, withdrawing in respective times. You can use your VISA, MASTER, JCB card with Vietnamese ATMs. The banking fee for cash withdrawal with VISA or Master card around 3%-4% depending on different banks. In front of Novotel Phu Quoc Resort there is an ATM by BIDV bank- one of the best bank in Vietnam!

VISA and MASTERCARD are the most widely accepted. JCB and AMERICAN EXPRESS are also accepted in some outlets. Many hotels, commercial centers, shops and restaurants accept credit cards. Check with the cashier before making any purchases. Bear in mind that some places apply a surcharge for credit card purchases: VISA and MasterCard approx 2% to 3%, American Express: 4% surcharge. NOTE: Check the percentage charged before you pay.

Official language

Most locals speak only few words of English. Vietnamese is a tonal language and so your pronunciation may not be quite up to it. Best bet is just to wing it with the international language of wild bodily gesticulation! Most staffs working at the hotel speak English!


Vietnam mainly uses 220V but in some areas, 110V is also used. A mixture of flat and round 2- pin outlets are used throughout the country. It is recommended to bring a universal plug adaptor.

Eating and Water

The cuisine of Vietnam comes as a pleasant surprise to many visitors and is definitely a part of the Vietnam experience not to be missed. Many typical Vietnamese dishes you can expect to try during the meals in the Resort or in the restaurants outside in Phu Quoc island include pho, a type of rice noodle soup eaten for breakfast, cha gio - deep-fried spring rolls and goi ngo sen, a delicious salad made with lotus stems, shrimps and peanuts. Due to the strong Buddhist influence in Vietnam, vegetarian food is widely available however more so in Southern Vietnam.

It is not advisable to drink tap water but bottled mineral water is safe and available everywhere. All hotels provide a complimentary bottle of local mineral water per person in the room. Ice cubes in drinks is generally OK in good standard hotels and restaurants but it is best to avoid it on street stalls or in country areas. Some minor stomach problems are always possible when travelling in exotic countries. Bring a supply of your usual anti-diarrhea medicine.


Laptop: The participants are expected to bring his/her own laptops.

Internet: All hotels have wireless connections, which are free.

Contact Us

Should you have additional questions about the DHIS2 Academy in Vietnam, please contact the DHIS2 Academy team at vietnam2018@dhis2.org
Contact in Vietnam Huong Pham (Ms.)

Vinpearl Condotel Beach Front Nha Trang
78-80 Tran Phu Street, Loc Tho Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam


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Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to every person registering as a participant to a DHIS2 Academy.

Academy Registration

Only fully completed registration forms will be considered. After reviewing each registration, the Academy Organisers will send a confirmation/information email. This email will include all the details related to the payment of the registration fees.

Participation is not guaranteed until full payment of the registration fees is received.

Each Academy has a ceiling. If the maximum capacity is reached, the Academy Organisers reserve the right to refuse additional registrations and to close the registration form.

Methods of Payment

Payments should be made in advance, before the Academy starts, by bank transfer or PayPal. Participants who made a late payment (from 3 days before the Academy starts) are invited to bring a copy of their payment slip to the registration desk the first day of the Academy.

All bank fees and money transfer costs must be covered by the transmitter. Any negative balance will be collected on site. Kindly indicate the Academy name and the participant’s full name as a reference on all bank transfers.

Academy Collaterals

The Academy Organisers cannot guarantee that Academy collaterals will be available for late registrations. All materials will be distributed on-site.

Cancellation Policy

Notice of cancellation (sickness, lack of funding or any other personal reasons) must be made in writing by email to the Academy Organisers. The date of the email will be the basis for considering refunds. Please indicate your bank details on your written cancellation. Refunds will be made after the conference.

Registration fees may be refunded as follows (depending on the Organisers' contracts with their vendors):
- Up to 4 weeks before the Academy: 100% refund
- From 4 weeks to 7 days before the Academy: 50% refund
- From 6 days to the Academy: no refund

The Academy Organisers reserve the right to reimburse the participant after deducting costs already incurred for the bank transfers.

No refunds will be granted for unforseen events or early termination of attendance, or any other incidents during the Academy, which are beyond the control of the Academy Organisers.

Cancellation of the Academy

In the event that the Academy cannot be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of the Academy organisers, the Academy organisers cannot be held liable by participants for any damages, costs such as transportation, accommodation, and other expenses incurred by the participants.

All expenses in relation to the Academy, the registration and the attendance are the sole responsibility of the participants.

Under these circumstances, the Academy Organisers reserve the right to reimburse the participant after deducting costs already incurred for the bank transfers.


The registration fee does not include insurance. The Academy Organisers do NOT provide any form of insurance and do not take any responsibility for accidents or illnesses that might occur during the DHIS2 Academy and in the course of travel to or from the Academy place. Therefore, each participant is solely responsible for his/her safety, security and health.

Moreover, participants shall be aware of their health insurance policy and take appropriate measures to ensure their coverage for any hazards which might occur when attending the DHIS2 Academy.

Modification of the Programme and Venue Change

The Academy Organisers reserve the right to amend the Academy programme, including making changes to the speakers/facilitators appearing and/or subjects covered. No refunds can be granted in case of cancellation of speakers/facilitators, programme change or any other incidents during the Academy which are beyond the control of the Organisers.

The Academy Organisers reserve the right to move the Conference to a larger or smaller venue, if the level of participant registrations warrants.

Name Badge

The name badge must be worn at all times during the Academy. Access to the venue will not be granted without the DHIS2 Academy name badge.

Invitation Letter

Participants requiring an official invitation letter from the Academy Organisers can request one by email. Participants must first register to the Academy.


It is the sole responsibility of the participant to take care of his/her visa requirements. Participant who require an entry visa must allow sufficient time for the application procedure.

Data Protection

The Academy Organisers will collect and store datas for the preparation and execution of the Academy.

HISP-UiO performs monthly e-mailings (which include photographs/videos) and/or communications on social media regarding the DHIS2 Academy. If you do not wish to appear in the marketing visuals, please send an email to aliceal@ifi.uio.no.

Email contact details of participants will not be passed on to third parties. Participants may unsubscribe from these mailing campaigns at any time.

Limitation of Liability

The participant agrees to be responsible for all property he or she brings to the Academy venue.

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