DHIS2 Design and Customization Academy, Level 1


The University of Oslo and HISP India are pleased to announce the “DHIS2 Design and Customization Academy”, Level 1 to be held from 26 to 31 August 2019 at the Uday Samudra Beach Hotel, Kovalam, Kerala in India.

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Purpose of Design and Customization Academy Level 1

The Design and customization specialization Academy will teach you the basics of DHIS2 system configuration. This course focuses on key design concepts in DHIS2 and covers best practices in setting up and maintaining a high quality instance.

The course is specialized in taking participants through step by step in contriving and setting up of DHIS2 required metadata used for further system configurations with exclusion of event and case-based data which are to be covered in other DHIS2 academies.

The Academy is organized with four main purposes:

  1. Introduction to DHIS2 Basic Design Principles.
  2. DHIS2 Designing with Analysis thinking.
  3. System Settings and Access Control.
  4. Basic Configuration of DHIS2 Analytic.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to DHIS2 design and customization principles.
  • Learning on creating, administering and maintaining DHIS2 metadata.
  • Understanding good practices for implementing tidy and scalable DHIS2 databases.
  • Understanding detailed system settings and user management.
  • Learning on DHIS2 data analytics app and configuration.
  • Learning on how to handle and use bulk metadata across systems.
  • Experience sharing among different implementers.

*These Learning Objectives might be subject to change.

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DHIS2 experts from global and the region will not only share the latest features and development, but also the best practices around the globe to help you make your DHIS2 implementation a success.

A practical training programme will make sure the facilitators and participants can work together on customised databases to guide you and solve emerging issues.

One of the objectives of DHIS 2 Academy is to emphasise experience and solution sharing among countries across the region and to promote networking and collaboration among DHIS 2 implementers in the region.

Saurabh Leekha

HISP India
Saurabh is working as Lead Health Systems with HISP India, and has 7 years of experience in design, development and implementation of DHIS2 based health systems in both national, and international settings. He has led previous DHIS2 academies on Design and Customisation, Tracker, and Data Analytics (Level 1).

Sumit K.Tripathi

HISP India
Sumit has 5 years of experience in design,development and implementation of DHIS 2 based health systems in both national and international settings.He also served as an expert trainer in various DHIS 2 academies.

Varun Kumar

HISP India
Varun is DHIS 2 implementor and trainer with expertise in public health and ICT domain and served as a DHIS 2 trainer in several academies. Involved with several DHIS2 related projects locally and internationally.

Yogita Thakral

HISP India
Yogita is a DHIS 2 implementor and trainer with expertise in medical, public health and ICT domain and served as a DHIS 2 trainer in several academies. Involved in designing and implementation of DHIS2 Health system with several DHIS2 related projects locally and internationally.

Kirti Thakur

HISP India
Kirti is working with HISP India in designing and implemenation of various DHIS2 health information system and a DHIS 2 trainer with expertise in medical, public health and ICT domains. She is involved with several DHIS2 related projects locally and internationally.She has attended various academies as a trainer on DHIS2-Design and Customization academy,Data Quality academy,Tracker academy and Immunization Academy.

Naman Thukral

HISP India
Naman is a DHIS 2 implementor and trainer with expertise in public health and ICT domain and involved with various national and international projects.


HISP India
Deepika is a DHIS2 implementor and trainer with expertise in health and ICT domain and has served as a DHIS2 trainer in several academies. She is proficient in designing and customizing databases as per clients requirement. She has been working with HISP India as a Health Information Officer and Involved in designing and implementation of DHIS2 based Health Information Systems projects locally and internationally. She also has a wide domain knowledge of clinical workflows and healthcare delivery system.


Registration Options

Option 1
$ 1100
  • The Academy +
  • Single Accommodation from 25 August to 01 September
  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • All course material & conference infrastructure
  • Coffee/tea breaks during the Academy
  • Airport pick-up
Option 2
$ 900
  • The Academy +
  • Sharing Accommodation from 25 August to 01 September
  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • All course material & conference infrastructure
  • Coffee/tea breaks during the Academy
  • Airport pick-up
Option 3
$ 600
  • The Academy without accommodation
  • All course material & conference infrastructure

Travel and Visa

Airport and Airlines

Kovalam is located in the extreme south of India along the Western coast and is close to Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Coimbatore. Kovallam does not have an airport, and the Trivandrum International Airport is the nearest airport to this city. (30 kms from the venue). The main airlines operating in Trivandrum are IndiGo ,Spice jet ,Emirates ,Kuwait Airways ,Air India.

Airport Transfers/Shuttle

The airport transfers are apart of your acadmey package. The Resort has its on travel desk - which takes care of airport transfers. All you need to do is share your iternary and a chauffer will be at the Airport to pick you and on your return similar fcaility will be extended from the Hotel to the airport.


Visiting Kerala is an easy task for foreign tourists as both visa on arrival and e-visa are available. The two airports of Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi offer visa on arrival.Those applying for visa should hold a legal passport with a minimum validity of six months from the date of arrival. The e-visa is for up to 30 days and it will be issued only twice in one calendar year to visitors who come to India for recreation, sightseeing and meeting friends or relatives.

Invitation Letter:

Participants requiring an official invitation letter from the Academy Organisers can request one by email. Participants must first register to the Academy.


Uday Samudra Beach Hotel: Located at the famed beaches of Kovalam, just 15 meters from the sea, is an exclusive 5 Star leisure beach hotel - a destination by itself. The setting, facilities, people, spa, cuisine and its whole philosophy is dedicated to your personal wellness in a luxurious environment.the landscaping has its own serenity, a harmony of a defined architecture, spacious lawns, blue water pools and soaring coconut grooves all set in four tranquil acres by the sea.The hotel, which features 225 Rooms, 5 Restaurants, 3 Swimming pools, 7 Banquet Halls, Ayurveda & Yoga Centre, Ocean Spa, Slim & Shape Naturopathy Centre, Beauty Studio, Health Club, Dental Clinic, is a luxury destination in its own right.

Please use the following contact details for your booking Reception Desk on:

Phone: +91 471 2485766/ 67/ 68, 2481654,
Mob : 93872 17503 / 93872 17501,
Fax: +91 471 2481578
Email: info@uds.co.in
Website : https://www.uds.co.in

Leisure and Attractions

At the southern end of Lighthouse Beach is a striped lighthouse with a viewing platform. Palm-backed beaches also include Hawa Beach and Samudra Beach. Heading south, Vizhinjam Juma Masjid mosque overlooks the busy fishing harbor. Inland, Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium displays technology used in pearl production. Find more attractions here -: https://www.kovalam.com/pages/attractions

Places to visit:

1 Lighthouse Beach
This one is the most popular and sought after beaches in Kerala! Located at the southernmost tip of Kovalam, Lighthouse Beach boasts of its surreal ambience, an ancient lighthouse, and eternal outlook.

2 Hawah Beach
Also called the Eve’s Beach, Hawah Beach is fringed with rocky outgrowths or forelands. This also adds a unique and enchanting outlook to this stunning beach, and makes it ideal for the visitors to indulge in several beach activities.

3 Samudra Beach:
For those who want to stay from the crow, and still enjoy the salubrious beauty of the beached in Kovalam, they must visit the Samudra Beach. Secluded from the usual crowd, this beach is a hub for the local fishermen.

4 Vellayani Lake:
The largest fresh water lake in Trivandrum, Vellayani Lake is a true delight for the visitors on a Kerala trip! Located within a close proximity to Kovalam; 7km, this water reservoir also serves as a host to Snake Boat Races in Kerala.

5 Halcyon Castle:
Dating back to the late 30s, this historic castle was built by the royal consort of Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bayi. Converted into a heritage hotel, it reflects the architectural brilliance of Kerala’s past.

Things to do:

1 Beach Activities:
The salubrious beaches in Kovalam offer amazing options to the beach goers. While in these sandy retreats, visitors can indulge in several fun-filled activities like beach volleyball, sun basking, ayurvedic massage therapies, and lot more to make their Kerala trip even more exciting.

2 Surfing:
If you are in Kovalam, you are in one of the best surfing destinations in India. Owing to the mild, pleasant, and favourable waves around the beaches of Kovalam, thrill seekers can indulge in surfing and manoeuvre across the playful waves of the mighty Arabian Sea. If not an expert surfer, visitors can even attend surfing classes around these beaches and try their hands on the surf-boards.

3 Motor Boat Riding:
For those who yearn to cruise over the lively waves of the Arabian Sea, they can easily hire the motor boats and revel in the thrill and fun of motor boat riding in Kovalam. These boat rides also allow the visitors to have a glimpse of Kerala’s fishing traditions and cultures.

Time zone

UTC +5:30


Due to the vicinity of the sea, all seasons are quite pleasant and enticing at Kovalam. Though, the best time for visiting this beach town can be specified as from the month of September to the month of March. This time span is regarded as winter season and due to the bright sunny days and breezy nippy nights, many tourists get magnetized to this place from different parts of the world. As the climate of Kovalam is topical in nature, beaches are the greatest place to hang out throughout the day, even the evening time is quite romantic.


Indian Rupees (INR)

Banking and ATM

Kovalam is not a large place However ATMS are easily available. One of the popular places of Kovalam is Kovalam Junction, where 4 ATMs are available. All of them accept all major cards, including Visa, Master and Maestro cards. These ATMs are opened 24 hours a day and always protected with armed security guards.

Official language

Malyalam, English


For India there are three associated plug types, types C, D and M. Plug type C is the plug which has two round pins, plug type D is the plug which has three round pins in a triangular pattern and plug type M is the plug which also has three round pins. India operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz


No vaccine is required to visit India.


Laptop: The participants are expected to bring his/her own laptops.
Internet: All hotels have wireless connections, which are free.

Contact Us

Should you have additional questions about the DHIS2 Academy in kovalam, please contact the DHIS2 Academy team at kovalam2019@dhis2.org

Rashi Banta
+91 9805052012

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Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to every person registering as a participant to a DHIS2 Academy.

Academy Registration

Only fully completed registration forms will be considered. After reviewing each registration, the Academy Organisers will send a confirmation/information email. This email will include all the details related to the payment of the registration fees.

Participation is not guaranteed until full payment of the registration fees is received.

Each Academy has a ceiling. If the maximum capacity is reached, the Academy Organisers reserve the right to refuse additional registrations and to close the registration form.

Methods of Payment

Payments should be made in advance, before the Academy starts, by bank transfer or PayPal. Participants who made a late payment (from 3 days before the Academy starts) are invited to bring a copy of their payment slip to the registration desk the first day of the Academy.

All bank fees and money transfer costs must be covered by the transmitter. Any negative balance will be collected on site. Kindly indicate the Academy name and the participant’s full name as a reference on all bank transfers.

Academy Collaterals

The Academy Organisers cannot guarantee that Academy collaterals will be available for late registrations. All materials will be distributed on-site.

Cancellation Policy

Notice of cancellation (sickness, lack of funding or any other personal reasons) must be made in writing by email to the Academy Organisers. The date of the email will be the basis for considering refunds. Please indicate your bank details on your written cancellation. Refunds will be made after the conference.

Registration fees may be refunded as follows (depending on the Organisers' contracts with their vendors):
- Up to 4 weeks before the Academy: 100% refund
- From 4 weeks to 7 days before the Academy: 50% refund
- From 6 days to the Academy: no refund

The Academy Organisers reserve the right to reimburse the participant after deducting costs already incurred for the bank transfers.

No refunds will be granted for unforseen events or early termination of attendance, or any other incidents during the Academy, which are beyond the control of the Academy Organisers.

Cancellation of the Academy

In the event that the Academy cannot be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of the Academy organisers, the Academy organisers cannot be held liable by participants for any damages, costs such as transportation, accommodation, and other expenses incurred by the participants.

All expenses in relation to the Academy, the registration and the attendance are the sole responsibility of the participants.

Under these circumstances, the Academy Organisers reserve the right to reimburse the participant after deducting costs already incurred for the bank transfers.


The registration fee does not include insurance. The Academy Organisers do NOT provide any form of insurance and do not take any responsibility for accidents or illnesses that might occur during the DHIS2 Academy and in the course of travel to or from the Academy place. Therefore, each participant is solely responsible for his/her safety, security and health.

Moreover, participants shall be aware of their health insurance policy and take appropriate measures to ensure their coverage for any hazards which might occur when attending the DHIS2 Academy.

Modification of the Programme and Venue Change

The Academy Organisers reserve the right to amend the Academy programme, including making changes to the speakers/facilitators appearing and/or subjects covered. No refunds can be granted in case of cancellation of speakers/facilitators, programme change or any other incidents during the Academy which are beyond the control of the Organisers.

The Academy Organisers reserve the right to move the Conference to a larger or smaller venue, if the level of participant registrations warrants.

Name Badge

The name badge must be worn at all times during the Academy. Access to the venue will not be granted without the DHIS2 Academy name badge.


It is the sole responsibility of the participant to take care of his/her visa requirements. Participant who require an entry visa must allow sufficient time for the application procedure.

Data Protection

The Academy Organisers will collect and store datas for the preparation and execution of the Academy.

HISP-UiO performs monthly e-mailings (which include photographs/videos) and/or communications on social media regarding the DHIS2 Academy. If you do not wish to appear in the marketing visuals, please send an email to aliceal@ifi.uio.no.

Email contact details of participants will not be passed on to third parties. Participants may unsubscribe from these mailing campaigns at any time.

Limitation of Liability

The participant agrees to be responsible for all property he or she brings to the Academy venue.

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