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The DHIS2 Annual Conference is our biggest yearly event, and provides an opportunity for the global DHIS2 community — a diverse group including implementers, developers, ministry representatives, technical partners, donors, and other DHIS2 experts from around the world — to meet and share experiences with DHIS2, learn about the latest developments and innovations, and make connections that can lead to new partnerships and collaborations.

After two years of virtual gatherings, we are excited to announce the DHIS2 Annual Conference 2022 scheduled to take place in-person from 20 to 23 June at the University of Oslo, Norway. An online component will also allow for virtual participation in some conference sessions for those who are unable to travel to Oslo. The hybrid format enables in-person participation (physical presence) as well as remote participation.

Let’s take a look back at last year’s key figures








Ministries of Health




Interactive Sessions


Presentations of new and upcoming features from the DHIS2 core development team

Speakers from national Ministries and global public health partners such as WHO, the CDC, and more

Community-driven presentations selected from an open call for abstracts

Annual competition for best independent Web and Android App developed by the DHIS2 community

Ample opportunities to network with peers and experienced DHIS2 implementers

Our daily forum sessions will bring you the latest insights from the community and dedicated networking sessions to connect with your peers.

More information on the App Competition will be published very shortly. To be among the first to receive these important announcements, sign up here for our mailing list.


This year's Annual Conference will be focusing on Local Innovation for Global Progress and will include many topics:

COVID-19 and DHIS2: innovations, integrations, data use & sustainability

DHIS2 in the larger digital health ecosystem

Local innovations, global sharing

DHIS2 metadata packages

Maintaining & scaling DHIS2 systems

DHIS2 governance & security

New countries using DHIS2

DHIS2 Health and beyond






Research on DHIS2 data


For further details on the agenda, kindly visit The DHIS2 Annual Conference Schedule

The 2022 Annual Conference Speakers

Speaker 2

Jørn Braa

University of Oslo

Speaker 1

Kristin Braa

University of Oslo
Head of the Health Information Systems Program

Speaker 2

Verry Adrian

Head of
Jakarta Department of Health

Speaker 2

Pamod Amarakoon

Director & Senior Implementer
HISP Sri Lanka

Speaker 2

Elaine Byrne

Guest Researcher
University of Oslo

Speaker 2

Vittoria Crispino

DHIS2 Health Content Implementer
University of Oslo

Speaker 2

Bruna Dias

Project Coordinator or Lusophone Community Manager
University of Oslo

Speaker 2

Kim Frost

Clinical Advisor
University of Oslo

Speaker 2

Mike Frost

University of Oslo
Tracker Project Manager

Speaker 3

Jose Munoz Garcia

University of Oslo
DHIS2 Android technical lead

Speaker 4

Ben Guaraldi

University of Oslo
DATIM Development Team Lead

Speaker 16

Ola Hodne

University of Oslo
DHIS2 Implementation Coordinator

Speaker 2

Breno Horst

LMIS Technical Lead
University of Oslo

Speaker 2

Birk Bjønness Johansson

Software Developer
University of Oslo

Speaker 5

Bob Jolliffe

University of Oslo

Speaker 2

Vikwato Kamanga

Strategic Information Officer
Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ)

Speaker 2

Adolph Kamugunga

Project Implementation, Monitoring & Documentation - Team Lead
HISP Rwanda

Speaker 6

Max Krafft

University of Oslo
Training & Communications Lead

Speaker 7

Karoline Tufte Lien

University of Oslo
Team Lead, DHIS2 Project Support

Speaker 8

Austin McGee

University of Oslo
Frontend Architect

Speaker 2

Maurice Jules Mulisa

Software Programmer
HISP Rwanda

Speaker 9

Lars Øverland

University of Oslo
DHIS2 Lead developer

Speaker 10

Rebecca Potter

University of Oslo
Project Manager/Team Lead for Health Standards

Speaker 11

Enzo Nicolas Rossi

University of Oslo
DHIS2 Implementer

Speaker 12

Scott Russpatrick

University of Oslo
Analytics Product Manager

Speaker 13

Johan Ivar Sæbø

University of Oslo
Associate Professor

Speaker 14

Bjørn Sandvik

University of Oslo
DHIS2 Maps developer

Speaker 2

Yangzi Sherpa

Health Information System-Technical Officer
Abt Associates Inc, Nepal

Speaker 15

Anne Thorseng

University of Oslo
Evaluation coordinator and project manager

Speaker 17

Marta Vila

University of Oslo
DHIS2 Android Product Manager

Speaker 18

Souleymane Samaké


Speaker 18

Chipo Chitambi

Strategic Information Officer
Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ)

Speaker 18

Vladimer Shioshvili

Senior Technical Specialist

Speaker 18

Nathan McEachen

TerraFrame, Inc.

Speaker 18


Data Management & SI Advisor
John Snow Inc

Speaker 18

Boubacar Diallo

Surveillance Specialist

Speaker 18

Sory Condé


Speaker 18

Eric Munyambabazi

HISP Uganda

Speaker 18

Henry Kalisti

information System Consultant
University of Dar es Salaam DHIS2 Lab

Speaker 18

Ayub Manya

Ministry of Health, Kenya

Speaker 18

Bernard Mussa

Senior System Analyst
University of Dar es Salaam DHIS2 Lab

Speaker 18

Oumou Kalsom Diallo Gueye

Responsable informatique du système d’information sanitaire du Sénégal
Ministère de la Santé du Sénégal

Speaker 18


Ministère de la Santé, Mali

Speaker 18

Blessings Nthezemu kamanga

Product Manager
Malawi Ministry of Health

Speaker 18

Aitor Garrido

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Speaker 18

Ignacio Prieto Egido


Speaker 18

Mahmudul Islam

Managing Director & Technical Lead

Speaker 18

Comfort Mankga


Speaker 18


HMIS Manager, Lecturer

Speaker 18

L. Mphatsi

HMIS Manager

Speaker 18

Aboudramane BATHILY

Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor
PSI Mali

Speaker 18

Ratih Syabrina

HISP Idonesia

Speaker 18

Roody Thermidor

Deputy Director, Unite Evaluation de Programme

Speaker 18

Bernard Mussa

Senior System Analyst
University of Dar es Salaam

Speaker 18

Adrian Quintana

Project Manager

Speaker 27

Vincent Minde

Lead System developer
University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) DHIS2 Lab

Speaker 28

Ramatu Usman Obansa

Data Manager
African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET)

Speaker 29

Seid Hussein

HISP Ethiopia

Speaker 30

Alejandro Casado

eHealth Manager

Speaker 31

Kris Reinhardt

eHealth New York Team Manager

Speaker 32


Medical Application Manager

Speaker 33

Jean-Pierre Sallet


Speaker 34

Rajab Billy

Head of Software Products Development and Sustainability
Ministry of Health - Digital Health Division

Speaker 35

Stefano Peroti

DHIS2 Implementer - Health Content
University of Oslo

Speaker 36

Ottias Tapfumanei

National Malaria Control Programme of Zimbabwe

Speaker 37

Mamatou Diabaté

Chef Centre de Documentation, de Planification, de Formation et d’Information Sanitaire “CDPFIS”
Direction Générale de la Santé et de l'Hygiène Publique_DGSHP (Ministère de la Santé, Mali)

Speaker 38

Eric Alladé

Chercheur au Laboratoire de Biostatistique et d’Informatique médicale à l’Université Félix Houphouët Boigny (Abidjan Cocody) CEO HISP Côte d’IVoire
HISP Côte d'Ivoire

Speaker 39

Per Kronslev

Senior Supply Chain Consultant

Speaker 40

Joseph Odu

Technical Advisor
Resolve To Save Lives

Speaker 41

Rangarirai Matavire

(CEO & Founder)

Speaker 42

Dr. Ahmed Zouiten

WHO Representative
Iraq Country Office

Speaker 43

Fathimath Shamah

Senior Statistical Officer
Ministry of Health, Maldives

Speaker 44

Harvey Lungu


Speaker 45

Kalechristos Abebe Negussie

Associate IT Analyst
Clinton Health Access Initiative(CHAI)



Join us for a full week of use cases, thematic presentations, live demos, and opportunities for networking through captivating forum sessions and consultation with DHIS2 experts.

• You plan to attend the Annual Conference in-person

Academy fees are USD 600 and include lunch and coffee breaks for 4 days.

• You plan to attend the Annual Conference virtually

The online components of the Annual Conference with a digital retransmission of the key sessions will be free of charge.

Travel Arrangements

COVID-19 Updates

There are no longer special requirements for entry into Norway due to the corona situation. The same rules as before the corona pandemic apply now. However, we advise that you keep a close eye on the measures in place in the country.
You will also be able to find all the updated travel requirements for Norway on the Norwegian Government website or on the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

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Your visa application may take several weeks to be processed by the Norwegian embassy in your country/region. We strongly advise to start applying for a visa at least 6 weeks before the Academy starts.

Kindly bear in mind that UiO will not be able to provide any assistance to facilitate the obtention of the Schengen visa.

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