Digital DHIS2 Android Implementers Academy, Level 2


University of Oslo is pleased to announce the Digital “DHIS2 Android Implementers Academy” to be held digitally from 20 to 27 November 2020.

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About Digital DHIS2 Android Implementers Academy, Level 2

The new generation DHIS2 Android App integrates datasets, events and tracker data capture. It is fully functional while offline and comes with great features:

  • Configurable feel and look,
  • Easier login, enhanced data protection,
  • Attractive and user-friendly navigation,
  • Integrated search/registration for tracker,
  • Improved tracker dashboard,
  • Pictorial data entry for events and event completeness information.
The configuration of the DHIS2 server to make the most of the visual components of the app is a completely new domain and is the key for a highly visual and intuitive user experience.

We will explore all the new functionalities and key aspects for a successful configuration of DHIS2 server which guarantees the best user experience for the front-line worker.
Mobile implementation is a complex task and we also aims to share lessons learnt amongst DHIS2 Android implementations from experts and develops approaches which are applicable across different projects.

Learning Objectives
  • DHIS2 Android app features
  • DHIS2 configuration for a successful mobile user experience
  • Plan, test, pilot and scale DHIS2 Android systems.
  • Enterprise Mobility approaches (including mobile device management)
  • Explore the roadmap and effectively engage the DHIS2 Android community

Invitation & Selection of the participants
We are inviting 2-3 people from each country to join these two events. DHIS2 experts from global and the region will share the latest features and development, best practices around the globe to help you to make your DHIS2 implementation a success in your country and/or across your organization.

The organisers will evaluate your application and the country quotas to get back to you as soon as possible.

The training will be very technical and specialized.

So please provide a good motivation in the form as the registration may be competitive.

Important dates
Friday 20 November: Onboarding day
This Onboarding day will give you the opportunity to get introduced with the method of delivery, to virtually meet with other particippants located in the same region. You will also familiarise with the training tools, test your own equipment and meet with the facilitators' team. This first onboarding day is mandatory as part of the training.

You will receive the timing of this session nearer the time.

Benefits of the Digital DHIS2 Regional Academies.
  • Free of charge
  • Same curriculum as an onsite Academy
  • Same facilitators than our usual onsite Academies
  • Attending from the most convenient place to you, either from the office or from home.
  • Get an official DHIS2 certificate
* Certificate earned by attending all the sessions, participating in all activities and completing the assignments within deadlines.

Commitments from our participants
We are insisting on the importance of participants’ and their managers’ commitments to ensure the attendance to all the sessions and activities.

It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure his/her attendance to each session and to be able to complete the assignments exercices within the deadline.


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DHIS2 experts from global will not only share the latest features and development, but also the best practices around the globe to help you make your DHIS2 implementation a success.

One of the objectives of DHIS 2 Academy is to emphasise experience and solution sharing among countries across the region and to promote networking and collaboration among DHIS 2 implementers in the region.

Marta Vila

Android Product Manager
Marta has worked with Health Information Systems since 2007. Her technical background as Computer Science Engineer, and MsC in Telecommunications Networks for Low Resources settings, combined with her user oriented approach and analytical skills have allowed her to contribute in different areas of Health Information System projects; from technical tasks to requirements gathering, design, implementation, field deployment and end-user trainings.

Marta has been working with DHIS2 for several years, she had a key role in promoting the growth and expansion of DHIS2 in Latin America and the adoption of DHIS2 in Médecins Sans Fontières (MSF) - Spain. Currently she is the Mobile Product Management at DHIS2 at the University of Oslo, where she also pursues PhD, focussing on the challenges of implementing Health Information System in Humanitarian organizations. She also collaborates with Médecins Sans Fontières (MSF) as DHIS2 Liason Officer.

Jaime Bosque Torrecilla

DHIS2 Developer, University of Oslo
Jaime holds a MsC in Computer Engineering and since 2012 has been working for different NGOs accross Europe (like International Crisis Group and Médecins Sans Frontières) with frequent visits to the field in order to understand, provide support, design and deploy ITC solutions, and train users in different ITC areas.

Jaime has been working with DHIS2 since 2018 providing support in a multilingual environment, developing tools to automate processes, documenting as well as planning, deploying and updating the software in a distributed implementation for MSF. Currently he is working for the University of Oslo (UiO) as a Mobile Implementer.

Víctor García

Víctor has worked with Health Information Systems since 2012. Trained as a Telecommunications Engineer, he decided to apply his technical skills to work with NGOs mainly focused on the health sector, where he has had the opportunity to play an active role in different tasks, from design and technical development to implementation, field deployment and end-user trainings.

Víctor has worked in several DHIS2-related projects, including availability studies for implementation in Health Ministries and the adoption of DHIS2 in MSF Spain. Since 2018 he is the technical leader in the DHIS2 Android SDK.

Marcos Campos

Marcos graduated in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and he got a Master’s Degree in Controls and Electronic Systems from the University of Siegen in Germany. In 2014 he started working as a developer and he has, since then, taken part in numerous projects. He has been working both in the front-end and back-end, developing applications for desktop as well as mobile.

He is part of the team working for the University of Oslo and has collaborated on projects related to Health Information Systems. He played a major role in the design of the DHIS2 Skeleton App, which will be used to train the participants in this Academy. He has been involved in the design and development of the DHIS2 SDK for Android since 2017.



We have waived the registration fees. Therefore, the Academy is free of charge.

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